I got the following invite this morning. It’s not quite an Irish Spring but who knows where it might lead …

At 11:00am precisely, on the 10th July at the Davenport Hotel, Central Dublin – a little bit of Irish History will be made – be there!

It’s not everyday of the week that our career politicians stare into their cornflakes and realise that as of ‘this day’ they no longer have the playground entirely to themselves. And after decades of miss-management and self-serving, surely they must be aware that the circus has to end at somepoint.

Sli Nios Fearr, (a better way) is Ireland’s refershingly new political intiative. And it’s announcing yet a further step down the track in the formation of a new political party. It’s inviting all Irish media to a press conference to highlight that we are certainly on the march to the Dail and entirely focued now for the long haul.

During May, Martin Critten walked the 123 miles from Limerick to Dublin on a challenge to find people willing to start a new political movement. What is unvailed on the 10th is the result of that challenge. What’s more, Sli Nios Fearr will be making a direct appeal for all Irish citizens on the 10th to engage and become pro-active with this new intiative.

To qualify our commitment further still, another challenge is being laid before the Irish population; one which it’s hoped would make a huge difference to those 430,000 people currently ‘stuck’ on the live register. The rest you can find out by being there whilst ‘news’ is being made – don’t leave it to Sky to be breaking ground for Ireland!

Best Regards – Martin Critten
Spokesperson for Sli Nios fearr


email: martinc@sli-nios-fearr.com

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