People are really enjoying the Richard Dawkins quote about the National Trust’s decision to include some creationist piffle at the Giant’s

Richard Dawkins, humanist poster boy

Causeway interpretative centre, as quoted in the Belfast Telegraph.

“The National Trust should not have given any consideration whatsoever to the intellectual baboons of young Earth creationism,” said Dawkins.

The natural habitat for these “Intellectual baboons” is in the Caleb Foundation – “the umbrella organisation which represents the interests of mainstream evangelical Christians in Northern Ireland” is how they describe themselves on their website.

Over in the twittersphere, Professor Brian Cox – he of Wonders of the Universe – said the offending term sounded like a rock band and it the Intellecutal Baboons were a band, what would their first album be called.

Coxy himself suggests Blame it on the Baboonlight but he’s outwitted by Iane Hine’s Baboon in the USA,

Michael Schandorf;s King of the Swingers, Fleagle’s suggestion Baboona Matata and my own favourite, Boris Watch’s Dark Side Of The Baboon and just in, Rhesus to be cheerful 1-2-3 by Anne Dye closely followed by David Clifford’s 99 Red Baboons.

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