The First and Deputy First Ministers have congratulated the European Ryder Cup team and quite rightly so. However, the Irish border was much in evidence in the one press release.

Little-Ulsterman Peter Robinson said the win was even more enjoyable “given the pivotal role played by local golfers, especially Graeme McDowell, whose heroic victory brought the trophy back to European soil.

“We can all be extremely proud of Rory McIlroy and Graeme, they are marvellous ambassadors for their sport and their country.”

So although they were playing for Europe, Robbo sees their victory is also a victory for the Northern Ireland brand, hence no mention of Free Stater Pádraig Harrington whose da was a Garda who played football for the Cork.

Deputy Martin McGuinness, however, took an all-Ireland approach.

“Rory, Graeme and Pádraig have led the European team to a wonderful victory … Local golfers have again proved themselves to be the best in the world.”

Nice to know Marty thinks Rathfarnham is “local”.

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  1. These kind of comments have a real impact on peoples perceptions, not isolated, but when they are heard day in day out on the news. People begin to form a sense of where “here” is, and in the northern case that means just the north. Likewise in the free state, the media reports Ireland as the 26 counties. As a nationalist it is worrying for its long term effects.

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