New Arrivals make for great drama

Have you ever spent any time in a house that was lived in by a diverse group of immigrants? Have you ever wondered what life is like for the Roma, the Africans, the eastern European who are living in what used to be one of the most homogeneous places in Europe? I saw Arrivals last […]

Can’t Forget About You … or David Ireland

I was at David Ireland’s uproarious play Can’t Forget About You at the Lyric Theatre in Belfast on Thursday night and it was even better the second time around. The audience, which included comedienne Victoria Wood, were rolling in the aisles in a story where Stevie (Declan Rodgers), a 25-year-old Belfast boy falls in love with […]

The Playboy of Armagh

  The Playboy of the Western World – what’s the point? This was probably an impudent first question to ask someone who had been expending blood, sweat and tears preparing for a run of the John Millington Synge’s classic at Belfast’s Lyric Theatre but in a country which arguably relies overmuch on getting out the […]

Songs that scare children …

Who’d have thought that death was so life-enhancing. Other people’s deaths of course, fictional people at that and creatures whose often grizzly ends have been wrapped up in a shroud of melody and sung for the entertainment of all God’s chillun. And out of that ménage has grown Cathy Davey’s Songs to Scare Children (but […]