Re-kindling the fire and fury in the Civil Rights-era music of Nina Simone

I don’t know if you can put a primal scream to music but Josette Bushell-Mingo’s show, Nina – A Story about Me and Nina Simone has all the power of a holler against racism, whether it is in her native London or in Simone’s North Carolina or anywhere else in the world. Bushell-Mingo comes from […]

Alan Doherty’s world of music

Last year, I heard an album that left me hyperentilating. Almost. It was From Tallagh to Halle by a band called Aldoc, named after the head honcho and guiding spirit, Alan Doherty from the People’s Republic of Tallaght in County Dublin. So taken by the band was I that I spend a whole day driving around in […]

Tim Edey on the healing power of music

The thing I love most about watching Tim Edey playing either the guitar or the melodeon, is that he seems to be enjoying it so much and when you see someone do that, you are drawn in even more to the joy of the music being played. It’s obviously more than a job to Tim […]

Win tickets for A Stór Mo Chroí

If you were to ask me  to put together a folk/trad line-up of my favourite artists, then I would probably come up with the same one that will be on the stage of the MAC on Monday night in A Stór Mo Chroí – A Musical Gathering. The duo that make up Lumiere is probably […]

In The Mode with Liam Ó Maonlaí

Last year, I had a spellbinding conversation with Eugene Dunphy when the shared his knowledge and passion for Karl Hardebeck, the blind organist, composer, Gaeilgeoir and champion of Irish music. Hardeback was of the opinon that Edward Bunting got it all wrong when he transcribed the music played at the 1792 Belfast Harp Festival. The 19-year old […]